Tree of Faith Hinduism is a way of life. You are born a Hindu. There is no conversion to Hinduism. There is neither a single founder nor a single scripture. GOD in Hinduism is beyond name and form. It is left to the choice of the devotee to worship GOD with or without form. If God is worshipped through forms, that GOD is present in the consecrated images.

The Four Aims of Life are - DHARMA: conducting one’s duties with compassion towards all beings . ARTHA: earning money honestly to provide for family; acquiring power to benefit society. KAMA: pursuing love and pleasure only in marriage. MOKSHA: leading the soul towards salvation/ liberation/GOD realisation.

There are four pathways to salvation. They are action, devotion, knowledge and meditation. The devotee chooses his/her own pathway to achieve his/her salvation. The underlying concept of each pathway is unconditional love, or selfless love, whereby man’s ego is nullified to unify with GOD.

Tree of Faith