Tree of Faith Christians believe in one God who creates, loves and sustains life in all. Central to Christian belief is that God’s Word became human in Jesus Christ. Christians believe Jesus Christ lived a fully human life but without sin. Christians celebrate His birth at Christmas, believe He died for humankind on Good Friday on a Cross - hence our paramount symbol - and rose to eternal life - Easter.

Christians believe that God guides his people through the Bible and venerate the leaders raised up over the centuries, including Abraham. Christians are called to love God, to know him through prayer and to worship him as individuals and as a community - the Church.

Christians are called to love and respect all fellow human beings, regardless of ethnic or faith background, and to care specially for those who are poor, homeless, hungry, lonely, refugees, aged and orphans. The Christian faith calls on followers to use their gifts of body and spirit to bring peace, justice and compassion to our world.

Tree of Faith